Chapter 1: Recognizing student grief


What the grief expert says
Andrea Warnick, registered psychotherapist, talks about recognizing signs of grief in students.(3:22)Video transcript
What the parent says
Jenny introduces her daughters Mae, Phoebe, and Penelope. (3:22)Video transcript

“I never saw any signs of sadness following his sister’s death, however every now and then he’d have these angry outbursts in class. I realized that there was a big disconnect between the face he was showing the world and what he was actually feeling inside.  And his anger was an expression of his grief “. - Teacher

Whether or not a student’s grief is apparent to you, it’s important to recognize that it exists. Even when their grief is profound, many grieving children don’t show outward signs of it, especially in the school environment. 

Children are able to ‘take breaks’ from grief, to enjoy life and have fun, even when they are sad and confused. None of this means they aren’t grieving. In this chapter, we will share ways to connect with your students and offer support.

See also:Module 2 – Supporting Grieving Students, Chapter 3 -- When a family member has died for support strategies.