Chapter 4: Supporting the student over the long term

Strategies over the long term

What the parent says
Jenny talks about informing new teachers about Phoebe's death as Mae gets older.(3:22)Video transcript
What the grief expert says
Andrea Warnick, registered psychotherapist, shares ideas for teachers and schools to help children understand grief.(3:22)Video transcript

“It turned out my daughter was struggling in the class for months following her dad’s death, but her teacher didn’t tell me because she knew I was having a hard-enough time. It was nice of her to try to protect me, but it would have been much more helpful for me to have known what was happening at school so that I could help my daughter”. - Parent 

Grief can significantly impact the ability of students to concentrate in class; and that this aspect of grief may last longer than you anticipate. 

Below are several situations that may present themselves over the long term. 

Click on each box for a strategy(s) to help support your student.