Chapter 1: Your own grief

Supporting your own grief process

“That weekend, after the funeral, I needed some time to be alone to make space for my own grief before I went back to school on Monday. I felt especially close to the family because I had been the contact person the whole time Martin was ill. I knew this sadness would be with me for a long time”. - Teacher


Supporting students in having a healthy grief process after the death of a peer can be a profoundly significant and meaningful experience for you; yet, witnessing and supporting your students’ grief can take a toll on even the most experienced of educators. Compounding this is the fact that you may be navigating your own grief over the student’s death while playing a key role in supporting the school community. 

Here are some tips for supporting your own grief process. 

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Be gentle with yourself as you bear witness to the suffering of others – and your own. Keep in mind that personal growth often emerges from life’s most difficult experiences. Remember that the valuable support you provide to your students as they grieve and learn to navigate emotions that they may have not felt previously, can have a positive impact throughout their lives.