Chapter 6: Taking a proactive approach to student grief

Grief education

“One of the hardest things about supporting grieving students is navigating the needs of each student - they all experience and express their grief so differently”. – Teacher


There are many myths and misconceptions about grief. By providing your students with some education about grief, you can help to equip them with the skills needed to navigate grief in a healthy way, both in the present and future situations. 

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Consider incorporating information about grief into your curriculum so that your students learn that grief affects everyone differently. When they learn of a death, you can re-visit this and also remind them that it may bring up grief from previous loss experiences. 


Sometimes a dynamic can develop in which students who considered themselves close to the student who died resent overt expressions of grief from others whom they perceive as having been less close. Providing grief education that includes the various factors that affect someone’s experience of grief can help students be more compassionate to one another.


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