Module 4 Summary


What the educator says
Shane Dilka, resource/learning support teacher, talks about the importance of administrative support for an ill child and their family.(3:22)Video transcript

  • Sensitive collaboration with the bereaved family of a student (or staff member) is essential. A designated contact person can act as a valuable liaison between them and your school.
  • Honest, open, consistent, and clear communication with your students, their families, and your staff will help to bring your community together and minimize misunderstandings.
  • Inform staff at debriefings or meetings. Remember to keep all staff, including auxiliaries or support staff in the loop.
  • Students should be informed in small groups, such as their homerooms.
  • Keep in mind that some students may need additional support, including academic accommodations. Identify any at-risk students and put additional supports in place.
  • Involve additional supports, such as counsellors, when a death is by suicide. If available, consult with a crisis response team.
  • Offer additional support to any staff who may need it.
  • Developing and following a plan will help you and your school to provide needed support to your students after a death.